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Saturday, May 31, 2008

15" er Dhame 17" Flat Monitor

15” er Dhame 17” Flat Monitor!!!
Dostora tomader jonno Shu-khabar...

Ha, ovisshas-so hole o sotti---
Malaysia theke Import Kora Brand New Monitor

(i) Unnoto maner Picture Tube
(ii) Samsung Technology- Circuit Board
(iii) High Resolution- 1024 x 768 Pixel @ 85 Hz.
*** Bortoman bazare jodi keo 85 Hz. Frequency support kore emon monitor dekate paro ebong Screen kapbe na tobe ekta FREE paba. ***
(iv) Low Radiation
(v) Strong Body
(vi) Attractive color: Silver (Front side only) & Black
(vii) 1 year warranty.
<<< Bangladesh er market e 3 years er name EKTA BUA hidden warranty chalu achey, ta holo: 1 yr. warranty + [(1yr. service + 1 yr. parts)- ja customer kei bohon korte hoy]
(viii) Delivery from warehouse @ Pahartoli, Chittagong.

Stock shes hobar agey tomar ta Confirm kore...
Sl. Particulars Price (Tk.) Remarks
01. Samsung 15” CRT 5,700- 5,800/- support only 60 Hz. and China or India.
02. Philips 15” “ 5,600- 5,700/- Do.
03. Others 15” 5,200- 5,500/- low quality goods from India & China.
04. * Brand New Monitor- 17” Flat ?? Tomrai bolo!!! Support 60 Hz. to 85 Hz., Malaysia.
N.B.: Amader 15” monitor-o same feature support kore.

STOCKIST & Wholeseller’s Pls. Contact As Soon As Possible.
Call: 01713-162807
visit: http://www.bandhanorg.info

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